Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My work showreel 08

Work Showreel 08 - Spenelo from Spenelo Stevens on Vimeo.

Enjoy! This is some of the work I done this year at LibraVision. Hope 09 is filled with many many more great projects! Music by moir too! ^_^

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


IT's finally done! My entry for .

The concept for this has been in my head for like forever. 'Why do gnats keep flying into my eyes?!' I walk a lot. Cycle sometimes. And always, at the last moment, when it's to late to turn away, a gnat or other insect kamikazes into my eyes! So a couple months ago, I storyboarded 'the bad deed', why, perhaps, gnats hate me so, just three frames though. It remained that way for quite a while, although I played out the scenes in my head constantly, until I stubled upon the MUSTDRINKMOREMILK competition. It got me fired up and got my creative juices flowing, and now a couple of months later, IT'S FINISHED!

I tried to combine 3d elements (the characters) with 'live action' to get a mixed feel to this short. And of all my youtube endeavours, this is by far the best!


there are a few glitches here and there, but the competition is nearly closed! So I had to motor a bit towards the end. This previous weekend I practically didn't sleep, took my work's box home, and worked like whole weekend to finish this baby off! Enough talking, I'll probably edit this post with more details later, but for now, enjoy!

Credits: Modelling, texturing, rigging, enveloping, animation, scenery, lipsyncing, camerawork, sound, music, voices, actor, editing, compositing: MEEEEEEE!! Lol.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


My new clip! Called News Now! It's about how I feel about the whole political hoo hah happening in South Africa. . .

A few people asked me how I got the background out? Simple. Green screen. But I don't have one you say. You would be right. I made a plan. Got a plain bright lime green bed sheet, put it on my mattress, and lifted my mattress vertically!

I struggled to key out some parts of the background, and you can see some of the edges going a bit haywire, but hey, it came out nice!

Watch this space for moar stuffz!!!

Thanks for viewing. ☻

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Music Video for Stereo Republic

This is a music video I done for the up and coming band Stereo Republic. I started this project in March, but due to many reasons, I only finished it recently. It's the longest video I've ever done so far 4:00 and it was good practice in general editing and animation, and will help me with my future music/graphic endeavours. It shows that even though you might not have all the resources needed, you can still pull off a good project.

The video is video game themed. So what I done was used a simple toony style for the world and characters, combine four different genres and lace them all together with a nice generic game story line, which is. . .all the girls in the world are kidnapped by an evil bad guy, aptly named 'Villain Man', he takes them to his evil island, where he holds them captive, with who knows what in mind. It's down to the four heroes of Stereo Republic to save all the girls, and save the world!

In the first part, Soul must lead the team over a hazardous ocean filled with enemy planes and a the evil boss submarine (in the form of an aerial shooter game platform) to take the team to the verge of Forbidden Island. After that, Tuna must climb the scaly heights of Forbidden Island's entrance, and beat off the malicious blobs, to find the key that will lead the team into Forbidden Island. (in the form of a flat Mario-esque game platform) Then K must delve down deep into Forbidden Island on his board and dodge more blobs, to lead the team to Villain Man's secret lair. (In the form of an early 3d rpg game, much like Crash Bandicoot or Mario Kart) Then, in the final showdown, Marshall has to face the sinister Villain Man, in the battle to end all battles, to free the prisoners of the island, who stand watching and rooting for Marshall to win. (in the form of an early combat game, such as Tekken) Which, he does, and he sets free all the girls, thus saving the world, and banishes the malevolent Villain Man to a fiery doom. . .

That's the story in a nutshell. . .

I'll add some workflow images later, for now, enjoy the video, as per usual, hi res version of vimeo, and the fast-streaming youtube version

All the girls - Stereo republic from Spenelo Stevens on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


One of the main problems in the world is the rate at which people have kids in this world. It's obvious that this won't change overnight...but many of those kids will grow up in a house with a parent(s) that are not adequately equipped to raise them. Prolific procreation is the main problem in the world. Weak parenting is the other. A kid with no discipline is a casualty. They have no respect, and that leads to anarchy....

YouTube version (faster loading)

Vimeo version (higher quality)

RESPECT_DISCIPLINE_ANARCHY from Spenelo Stevens on Vimeo.

I'll be adding a rant about this video soon, just too further give you my thoughts on why I done this, and how I feel about disciplining one's child...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Old Swine Times

Just thought I'd put this up. It's the first issue of Swine Times, the only real publication during my time at college, for the students, by the students. This first issue made such an impact at that place, that the powers that be tried to halt us of producing another. They got that right. But this first issue remains. It's a testament that standing up for what you believe in can make a difference...anyhoo, it's a pdf, so download and laugh till the cows, I mean, swines, come home...O...and if you're squeamish, DON'T READ THE LAST PAGE. Ja. Enjoy.

*big ups to all those who helped out, Maggie, Rapha, Darrin, Chad, Jobin, Ryan, Lee-Lee, Roche, and Dr Swine...if I skipped anybody, just remind me, lol.

Click here>>>

Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi. So ja. Facebook will be alot quieter for a while now. Because, it's been blocked where I work. So has every other social networking site and every site that uses streaming media, thanks to the ass-wipes that misuse the resources where I work, now I must pay for your impertinent behaviour!!! >_< So, until I get my internet at home sorted out, I'll be missing from pc facebook, and youtube (meaning no more clips for now...oi.) But I'll leave you with my latest graphic offering, that I used as my fb profile pic just before it got blocked...

It's called find your equilibrium, and all I'm trying to say is that all of us have a good side, and a bad side. But if your a goodytoshoes-trying-to-be-better-than-everyone-else all the time, or a evilistic-666-vattie-kakkie-badass mofo all the time, the poo will hit the fan sooner or later. So. Find your equilibrium. Balance yourself out. Go soul searching. Find out why you're tipping the scales the wrong way. Find out who you are. Because how can you change if you don't know what's wrong?! Do a good deed. Take clothes to a shelter. Feed a hungry street child. Put Noleen on a diet. Whatever. But also. DOn't be trampled upon. If someone is doing you wrong, tell them you don't like what they doing, you think it's wrong and they must hit the road. If someone is hurting you, get help from someone you trust, or purchase a taser or some pepper spray. In a country, in a world, where rules and laws seem twisted because those in power manipulate it to what they want it to be, in a world where moral degeneration is the norm, going from a moral society, to an immoral society, to a now totally amoral society, where poverty, overpopulation, disastrous weather, corruption, lack of faith and obscene crime riddle our society, isn't it wise to know who you are and where you stand. If you don't try to live balanced, then the wheels will come off.

I really miss facebook and youtube. But what can I do. Maybe this is a way for me to balance out my life...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Explanatory rant of Money poem video.

This video will better explain my logic for the poem. I tried to upload it too youtube, but the conversion f*cked the timing waaaay out of sync. Ai.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Money Poem

My latest graphic offering...

You tube version

Vimeo(higher resolution version)

Money Poem - Spenelo from Spenelo Stevens on Vimeo.