Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Old Swine Times

Just thought I'd put this up. It's the first issue of Swine Times, the only real publication during my time at college, for the students, by the students. This first issue made such an impact at that place, that the powers that be tried to halt us of producing another. They got that right. But this first issue remains. It's a testament that standing up for what you believe in can make a difference...anyhoo, it's a pdf, so download and laugh till the cows, I mean, swines, come home...O...and if you're squeamish, DON'T READ THE LAST PAGE. Ja. Enjoy.

*big ups to all those who helped out, Maggie, Rapha, Darrin, Chad, Jobin, Ryan, Lee-Lee, Roche, and Dr Swine...if I skipped anybody, just remind me, lol.

Click here>>>http://www.mediafire.com/?s2lt3zmij4m