Wednesday, December 17, 2008


IT's finally done! My entry for .

The concept for this has been in my head for like forever. 'Why do gnats keep flying into my eyes?!' I walk a lot. Cycle sometimes. And always, at the last moment, when it's to late to turn away, a gnat or other insect kamikazes into my eyes! So a couple months ago, I storyboarded 'the bad deed', why, perhaps, gnats hate me so, just three frames though. It remained that way for quite a while, although I played out the scenes in my head constantly, until I stubled upon the MUSTDRINKMOREMILK competition. It got me fired up and got my creative juices flowing, and now a couple of months later, IT'S FINISHED!

I tried to combine 3d elements (the characters) with 'live action' to get a mixed feel to this short. And of all my youtube endeavours, this is by far the best!


there are a few glitches here and there, but the competition is nearly closed! So I had to motor a bit towards the end. This previous weekend I practically didn't sleep, took my work's box home, and worked like whole weekend to finish this baby off! Enough talking, I'll probably edit this post with more details later, but for now, enjoy!

Credits: Modelling, texturing, rigging, enveloping, animation, scenery, lipsyncing, camerawork, sound, music, voices, actor, editing, compositing: MEEEEEEE!! Lol.


Liz Gurszky said...

You should send me your email addy - I can send you a mustdrinkmoremilk shirt for your effort.

Cheers, Liz
Marketing Director
BC Dairy Foundation

SPENELO said...

Lol, thanks. That'll be awesome. My address is