Monday, September 7, 2009

Confessions of a Forgotten Undiscovered Poet

Paging through my books of old
I sit in pure astonishment
The rhymes are fresh, funky and bold
shedding light on wonderful stories untold

I always knew that I was weird
And always wondered why
On top of that I made a discovery
Uncovering something I feared

The person I was in younger years
Was so most uncool
I was a nerdy loser with no real peers
An incompetent, whimsical fool

Fearing female fancies as if they were fatal
Damn! How things have changed

From hard-working, but deserted
To firmly asserted
To drunk and perverted
To corruptly converted

Learning about God's heavenly nation
But eventually falling prey to
lust, porn and masturbation

Serving and talking to God all the time
But concurrently admiring every scorching hot Delilah
Observing every angle so much so
That it could be a crime

Skating thinly on the ice of intellectuality
Cramming in material a night before the crunch
Then during the battle I realize the reality
Of my frivolity, I feel the punch

I learn it over and over and over again
A truth that always makes sense
That to pass any test in life you have to toil and persist
Or else you'll drown in the faeces of your own incompetence

That statement might be stinky and squalid
I know
But our society we are living in
Is too

Ethical plaque, moral decay
Hurting each other everyday
Is now common-place and the norm
We see it in how our world leaders perform

Scorn, hatred, nuclear weapons, power, oil, jealousy
Invading each other's countries
In 'the name of good'
Asking for World War 3

These problems and many more
Like natural disasters, tyranny, rumours of war
Will just escalate breaking many hopes
Families, cities, institutions, foundations, connecting ropes.

I'm bewildered.
How does this world even cope?

A moral degeneration
Clashing with a population infestation
Leaving me in mental constipation
Of what my task is

What is my vocation?

My place, my home
Where do I belong?
Earth, heaven, hell?
Because many times I've been in the wrong

Just existing
Not persisting
In standing for what I believe in

Being Luke warm
Medium rare
Falling, backsliding
Not bothering to care

That my thoughts consist of malevolence and carnality
Falling prey
Day by day
To a temptational felony

But there's no time to be so pessimistic
Hardships have come, hardships have gone
I just can't be fatalistic
I have to complete life's labyrinth song

I will definitely change my ways
That I won't deny
But now, due to my ledless pencil, my story has seen its last phase
Because if I spoke anymore, maybe in jail my ass would fry!

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