Friday, March 26, 2010


I've been meaning to share this for a while now, these are my 5 ULTIMATE BEST SONGS OF ALL TIME. The top three WILL NEVER CHANGE. But the bottom two, there are so many others, that I like too, depending on my mood, might have a chance of cracking the nod, but anyhoo, here goes.

#5 When you think of me - Eric Benet

An intense song about how leaving someone for the wrong reasons can blow up in your face, once that person is finally successful, the soulful delivery is just AMAZING from one of my favourite vocal talents, Mr Benet.


#4 Missing - Everything but the Girl

One of the coolest songs ever, the original is beautiful, but this version is the one I looooove. A mellow voice, with a catchy-but-not-commercial set of lyrics, it is relevant in any decade.


#3 Unbreak my Heart - Toni Braxton

In her heyday, Toni delivered hits like Scooters on a friday night; steamy, tasty, and hot! But this one is so intense, her heart-wrenching lamentation for her lover to return to her, o my pepperoni, it still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. (the original video didn't want to embed, so I had to use this one!)


#2 Kissed by a Rose - Seal

This song's overall construction and layout is the best I've ever heard. The harmony of the vocals, the range of instruments and how everything blends in is simply awesome. A joy to listen to everytime, and I learn something new from it everytime.


#1 Kissing a Fool - George Michael

From one of the most talented overall musicians on the freakin planet, comes the best song ever in the universe of space. An wonderfully calm, and relaxing rendition of the music by both the instruments and the vocalist, this song is just dripping with hints of melancholic genius and is the ultimate bittersweet song, ever. Every time it gets to the bridge I just feel like walking to the nearest hot girl and going down on one knee and singing to her, lol. Did I mention that this song is awesome?


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